Directional Boring and Directional Drilling Near Dallas, TX

If you need directional drilling or directional boring services for conduit installation on your current projects, JLB Services is ready to take care of that prep work for you so that you can install all necessary conduits successfully.

For over 30 years, JLB Services has provided directional drilling and boring services to contractors and project managers in the Fort Worth and Dallas, TX, area. We can handle the directional boring and drilling needs of your project no matter the size or specifications.

Whether you’re performing restoration, overseeing repairs, or in charge of a totally new installation or build, we can provide the horizontal directional drilling or boring that you need for electrical conduits, fiber optic cable, water lines, and whatever else the job requires.

Are you working in an area that is already occupied and otherwise fully operational? Not a problem when you contact JLB Services. We are more than ready to work in any conditions.

So Why Choose JLB Services?

In addition to over three decades of experience in the business, JLB Services brings our dedication to getting the job done quickly and correctly to every job we do. We stand behind our work and guarantee quality execution every time.

We offer the advantages of end-to-end communication throughout the project so that you know what’s happening every step of the way. JLB Services also offers on-site organization on every job we take on, so you don’t have to take on extra pressure and can relax with JLB Services on the job site.

We are open 9-5, Monday through Saturday. Please note we are closed Sundays. To book our high-quality directional drilling and directional boring services for your next new build or a restoration or repair project, contact the experts at JLB Services. Fill out our online form, email, or call +1 (214) 649-4790.